Gaming is a multi-billion industry with millions of staunch gamers all over the globe and the industry became even more robust with the introduction of social gaming. This is evident with the popularity of farmvile on facebook and video game developers, Electronic Arts, buying out a social gaming company called Playfish.  Africa is also catching up in the gaming scene, gaming is increasingly arousing interest in Africa and a South African Social Media Company, Zoopy, has realized this and launched a gaming channel called gamestate on their  ZoopyTV platform. The main purpose for the channel is to review and rate games developed for different consoles including xbox 360, Playstation, PC games and also Nintendo wii games. This should be an interesting channel especially now that game enthusiast in the continent have started developing their own games like Kenya’s social awareness game called pamoja mtaani (Together in The Hood™ in Swahili).


I hope zoopy will also review african games as well :-)

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