We are continuing with our weekly series which recognizes listed African companies with a social media footprint.Last week we looked at South Africa’s Standard Bank’s impressive social media integration of social media to forge ties with their customers. Today we shall go to Kenya and recognize Kenya Airways social media efforts.


Kenya Airways is the leading airline of Kenya, with its headquarters in Nairobi. The airline’s main hub is at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi. The airline started its operations on February 4, 1977. It plies scheduled flights to a number of destinations in Africa, Asia and a handful of countries in Europe. The airline focuses on Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya. It has provided access to the European countries including Glasgow, Athens, Rome, Zurich, Birmingham, Manchester, Madrid, Copenhagen, Berlin, Frankfurt and Barcelona, through code share agreements with KLM and Air France.

Apparently, companies that should be reaching out to increasingly tech-savvy consumers aren’t using social media exhaustively…..scratch that….they are not using social media at all. It’s also no secret that the biggest and most influential companies are often the slowest to adapt. For example Kenya airways is just one of three companies listed in the nairobi stock exchange with a twitter page, the other two being media houses!

KQ on twitter

Kenya airways’ twitter page has been carefully designed to exude its Kenyan roots and is one of the best designed pages in Kenya.


KQ on facebook

Kenya airways is also active on the biggest social network in the planet.

KQ fb

KQ on Wikipedia

The wikipedia article about Kenya Airways adequately details what the company does and even some of the recent events. The page is also upto date including the latest press releases.  The page also gives some insights on the some of their products and offerings e.g. the entertainment packages of the different aircrafts

KQ wiki

KQ on youtube

Kenya airways has a youtube channel that contains the monthly series of their Msafiri TV infotainment.

KQ youtube

KQ on LinkedIn

KQ linkedIn


Kenya Airways has presence in most Social networking websites and even take time to update them as well which is very impressive bearing in mind that social media is yet to be exploited in Kenya. The only problem is that Kenya Airways (Like the other companies listed on the Nairobi Stock exchange) does not have a blog(or an equivalent) to interact with their customers.

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