Social‘ is the word nowadays.

Social Media/Networking etc is really picking up in South Africa, as far as I can tell, it’s picked up more in South Africa than any other African country. And that’s not by judging the number of South African Facebook users or Tweeps but by the number of social startups in the country.


SocialPress which is a bit like LinkedIn recently launched in South Africa. The site is targeted at business people, entrepreneurs and professionals.

According to the official blog:

We have just launched SocialPress to the business community of South Africa for business people to take their business networking to the next level…

By registering as a member on SocialPress, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Free registration;
  • Networking and business opportunities;
  • List yourself and your company name, company details, website and blog on your dedicated profile page;
  • Select what will be visible on your profile to other SocialPress members with extensive privacy settings;
  • Private messaging to other SocialPress members;
  • Drop in link and rich media sharing component;
  • Activity/Action streams of public actions on the SocialPress network linked with RSS feeds;
  • Connect with other SocialPress members and see what is happening;
  • Create and participate in dedicated niche groups;
  • Create and manage events;
  • Status updates (what are you up to?);
  • Member Achievement system.  Earn points while networking;
  • Real time industry specific information, tips and tricks;

Since it’s just launched it is a bit too early for a review but we’ll keep watch and see how it grows.

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