iHubAlmost two weeks ago ihub launched a logo design competion on 99 designs whose deadline was later on extended to end on February 3rd 2010. This was quite succesfull and the competition attracted a whooping 577 entries! On the 3rd day of February 2010, the winning logo was picked and the logo was unveiled during the Mobile Web East Africa conference. The winner, who goes by the alias s@ky, took home $500 for the good job.

Incase you are wondering what iHub is:

The key idea behind iHub is to bring together a larger group of techies under one roof. I believe that if you get enough brilliant people together, they’re going to generate a lot of ideas really quickly, and just as quickly weed through them to keep from working on dead ends.

The idea is to eliminate the problem, sometimes seen today in research for example, where isolated researchers work diligently to solve problems that other researchers have already solved, or perhaps more importantly, that other researchers have shown face insurmountable obstacles and so should be abandoned in favor of other approaches.

The iHub will therefore be a place for people to share ideas; not steal them, where you can call copyright lawyers to talk to techies about their rights, where we can all learn ways to incorporate companies in cost effective ways, where techies can talk to their mentors and where techies can have video conference links from Silicon Valley or India.

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