Many of us might remember watching iRobot or the droids of Star Wars or reading the ‘Three Laws of Robots‘ written by Isaac Asimov.

Robotics is a frontier science, many look forward to a time when having a ‘personal robot’ will be no more ordinary than carrying a laptop. Your own personal servant robot. Robots that can interact with not only objects but also human beings and carry out tasks for the human.

Well, all this may be a way off but Sam, a student in Togo is building robots to inspire other young Africans to take an interest in science and scientific studies. The student uses old TV parts to build his mobile robots and has ambitions for making robots that can do even more sophisticated things like fully autonomous robots. Watch this inspiring young African talk about his ambition:

Someone should get this student engaged in competitions like the Microsoft Imagine Cup which has a Robotics category.

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