It seems to be getting harder and harder for a day to pass by without hearing some hot news from the SA tech industry. South Africa definitely seems to be on a roll.

RSAWEB has launched a cloud service dubbed “True Cloud Servers”. Of course Cloud Computing has been all the rave in recent times and has been seen as an evolution of computing, with major technology players – Amazon, Google, Microsoft and many others investing heavily on it.

RSAWEB brings Cloud Computing to South Africa. The promise is one now has the potential to run their compute intensive tasks from servers locally instead of having to host and run services on distant servers in Europe or the US.

Obviously this could mean lower operating costs and higher efficiencies which could result in faster and potentially more innovation in the South African tech space. This could be something interesting for other companies in Africa that may want to keep it ‘local’.

Furthermore, RSAWEB is offering a FREE trial on it’s cloud services until the end of May! Now, how cool is that!

Read more on the Bandwidth Blog.

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