Mobile media company BuzzCity today launches the beta version of JAMsked ( a free mobile internet directory of live music events, with plans for the launch of a dedicated South Africa and Africa offering, well-advanced.

JAMsked will provide a complete listing of the latest concerts, tours and one-off performances by bands and musicians. KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity said, “We know that music is a global language and a content-type that works well on mobile.  As trendsetting music fans continue to grow on mobiles, these ‘tribes’ can be of real value to brands and advertisers. We believe that JAMsked will be a valuable and popular addition to BuzzCity’s stable of services.”


BuzzCity has created JAMsked knowing that it will appeal to consumers, advertisers and recording artists:

  • Music has long established opportunities for brands to create identity by associating with the right type of “sounds” and artists. As advertising clutter, technology and social changes make it harder to reach consumers, music continues to be a way for brand to connect with them.
  • Recording artists are exploring alternate monetization (e.g. ringback tones etc) promotional and distribution models via mobile handsets. As recording artists, particularly independents, rely on live performance for the majority of their income, sharing tour info via a mobile channel is a natural step.

The launch of JAMsked continues to support BuzzCity’s strategy of encouraging the development of mobile content, which can then be syndicated to independent and carrier sites so they can build their audience base.  As the content is developed, audience size grows, which in turn attracts more advertisers.

JAMsked will offer global listings, however the beta launch is taking a phased approach starting with a focus on Indonesia and Philippines.

Partners can sign-up and submit their listings via our online content management system at JAMsked can also integrate with feeds from partner sites for faster, automated updates.

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