TNS Research International’s DigitalLife Survey results were launched today at the Sankara hotel in Nairobi. The survey was taken among urban populations in Kenya in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. The aim was to formalize exactly where the country stands in terms of engagement on the internet.

The study reveals major differences in regard to use of internet in the country such as the fact that in Kenya, most users access the internet on the mobile phones and at cyber cafes unlike other markets where internet access is primarily via a Home PC.

The Digital Life Survey also highlights how social media has redefined internet usage with studies now showing increased interactivity and sharing of information through mobile internet, besides access of email services which still remains the top reason why most Kenyan go online.

The results were released by TNS Research Internation CEO, Melissa Baker at an event that was primarily targeted at marketers especially from major corporates in Kenya that would probably be interested in targeting online audiences in Kenya.

The event also attracted some other major speakers including Chris Harrison – Chairman, Young & Rubicam Brands Africa – and Hon. Mutahi Kagwe, EGH – Former Minister of Information Technology, Chairman Multimedia University of Kenya.

Some tidbits from the research:

  • Simply, mobile beats PC internet in Kenya as in most of Africa
  • Most digital consumers in emerging markets are new to the internet and are sort of still in the ‘exploration’ phase. If you want to push your brand online you should make an effort to educate the user or provide useful information
  • Digital media engagement in Kenya is significantly higher than other Sub-Saharan countries despite the access being low.
  • Compared to developed markets, developing markets have lower ROI on digital media investments, cross-media strategies work better
  • Need for cross-media strategies to complement digital media investment to maximize Return on Investment (ROI)
  • E-mail, Social Media, News, and Knowledge/Education are the best ways to engage Kenyan online consumers.
  • 25 – 34 year olds are driving the greater online social networking use.
  • There’s a huge demand for social networking from young Kenyans
  • Kenyans are discussing brands on social media, but mostly are not primarily interested in being sold something but in finding information

The full results of are available for purchase from TNS.

Below are audio clips recorded live at the event. We will make an effort to write a more comprehensive article. Top Kenyan blogger Bankelele was also present at the event and will probably write a detailed account. You can also download the presentations in PDF:

  • Melissa Baker – CEO, TNS Research International Kenya Internet Results [PDF]
  • Chris Harrison –  Chairman, Young & Rubicam Brands Africa [PDF]

Audio recordings:

Check this out on Chirbit

Check this out on Chirbit

Check this out on Chirbit

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