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Ever thought of how cumbersome it is to manage your social network accounts? Say you have 4000 friends on Facebook, you are following 1000 on twitter and you want to track updates from key people in your network, how do you do it?

Social media on it’s own could be a fulltime work for some! For now and many more years to come, the web will only integrate more with social media. So how do you manage it? How do you stay in tune with key influencers in your industry?


According to Mysifty…

“We created Mysifty to allow you sift through your social media feeds without getting swamped. Our mission is to let you prioritize the best of the best of your friends. We hope MySifty helps you get the most out of your social media life!”

I got in touch with Jacob Ajayi one of the co-founders about the product this morning, I could see the passion and fraustration of social media which he  and the team members hope to tackle.

The site is currently in Beta version and should be ready by mid January 2011. It’s got international outlook, so, it’s not focused on Nigeria even though Nigerians can use it.

Social media signal (as in; real sense from social media noise) is one of the key challenges companies and individuals face using the platforms. The industry is currently a multimilion dollars industry and is led by Redian6 and other companies.

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