Infographics are the world’s new way of visualizing and representing data, they’ve taken over as Web 2.0’s preferred technique to spread complex data or messaging in creative and impactful ways.

Africa is no exception, here we look at 5 such infographics from across the continent that are worthy of note. Data visualization and infographics technique from Africa haven’t been in the spotlight but from these examples you’ll see how an Africa’s telecommunication provider, a startup, researchers and a conference all used the medium for impact.


Eshaam Rabaney from South Africa put together this great infographic on The state of Mobile Instant Messaging Network MXit. Very impressive stats from them as they continue to experience great regional and global success.


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After the revolution and the discussions around the role of social media, it’s fitting that Egyptian Kovas Boguta came up with The Egypt Influence Network using Google Pagerank and Google algorithms to shows some of the most influential tweeters during the Egyptian uprising.


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We covered when South African startup Zoopy went throuth their recent relaunch here. The infographic was a key tool to them re-establishing themselves and sharing their new direction as a media provider.


[Click here to view large version]


Telecommunications provider Cell C’s been up to many new branding exerciese after it’s relaunch and rebrand last year (which had it’s own issues as it were) and this one example of the infographic shows how corporates can use the popular visualization technique to pass along useful information to their audience.


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Online reputation management powerhouse Brandseye teamed up with Emerging Media Gareth Knight, founder of Tech4Africa during the inaugural conference in Johannesburg last year to come up with this elaborate infographic with the stats and numbers behind the technology conference. We uncovered the details but the infographic still stands as an amazing example of visualizing social conversations online.

[Click image to view large version]

This is certainly only the beginning of seeing infographics on Africa, with the continent being the world’s next destination for innovation, we can expect to see plenty more.

Any other great examples you may have come across? Let me know in the comments. MK

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