Sandbox is proud to announce the opening of its first hub in Africa. Based out of Nairobi, its aim is to unite the continent’s most inspiring young leaders, and to connect them with like-minded peers all over the globe.

“We have been planning to expand Sandbox to Africa for a while now, and with Sebastian Lindstroem we feel that we have found the right person at the right time”, says Christian Busch, Head of Sandbox Live!. As founder of the What Took You So Long Foundation, Sebastian has been at the forefront of identifying “unsung heroes” in Africa. He aims to use his networks and experience to build up a close-nit local community of inspiring young leaders, embedded into a strong ecosystem of local partners and seniors.

“I am thrilled to welcome Sebastian into the ambassador family; we have observed his activities for quite some time, and have the feeling that we can build sth. extraordinary in Nairobi”, says Brad Fitchew, Community Development Manager at Sandbox.

“I believe that there is unique untapped potential in Nairobi and Africa as a whole, and I am excited to contribute to building an ecosystem here that unites the great local talents, and gives them access to the global stage”, says Sebastian Lindstroem.

More about the first Sandbox dinner in Nairobi here.

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