Speaking to the team behind the mLab’s Mobile App Conference Pivot25 yesterday, Jay Bhalla revealed that the winner of East Africa’s first Mobile App Conference will also pitch and present at the famed Demo Conference in Silicon Valley.

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Just to put that in context, the Demo Conference was the place where the following, among a longer list of amazing startups, all launched (and startups pay approximately $18,000 for a similar launch/presentation opportunity. The winner of Pivot25 will automatically take up this spot at Demo.

Here are some of the big names that have launched at Demo in the past:

Shazam, Tivo, WebEx, VMWare, SalesForce.com


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And some major acquisitions of startups that came out of Demo:

Picasa (Google)

Answers.com (AFCV Holding)

Pluck (Demand Media)

So, less than two weeks to the April 15th deadline for registering, what are you waiting for!

Registration is free.

Afrinnovator will keep you posted on the goings on and announcements from Pivot25 as and when they happen. Stay tuned.

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