Having recently written about the Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ Guide, we decided to dive into the site and check out the featured startups and their founders.


We tried to pick out 5 really cool startups on the site and here they are, they are not necessarily ranked in any way, we just thought they were ‘cool’ (whatever that means) for one reason or another, either what they do is interesting or in some cases the back story to the founding of the startup or even the founders themselves.


Founded by: Jaco De Wet & Sheraan Amod

What they do: Simply put, Personera’s goal is to create products that help Facebook users connect their online world with their offline world.

The interview:

More about Personera on the Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ Guide.

Yeigo (now Telfree)

Founded by: Ropelang Rabana

What they do: Talk. Chat. Push Email. SMS. All from one place, one application. On the move or at your desk.

The interview:

More about Yeigo on the Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ Guide.


Founded by: Nic haralamboush & Vincent Maher

What they do: Create and launch a mobile social network quick and easy

The interview:

More about Motribe on the Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ Guide.


Founded by: Mike Stopforth & Craig Rodney

What they do: Mobile, social media, corporate social media strategy… and more.

The interview:

More about Cerebra on the Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ Guide.

Yuppiechef (Love the name)

Founded by: Andrew Smith

What they do: One stop online shop for all things cookery

The interview:

More about Yuppiechef¬†on the Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ Guide.

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