So we began by looking at some of the apps that are set to launch at Pivot25 this week and we continue with the scoop on more great apps to look out for. Our format is simple. In 160 characters (the same number as an SMS, given this is a mobile app and developer conference) they give us:

Their Pitch: What are they trying to do?

Their Problem: What are they trying to solve?

Their People: Who are some of the names behind it?

Catch up with last week’s group here.

In no particular order:


The Pitch: Every African has a mobile in their pocket! How do we let businesses reach them with something of value, on a low budget and NO spam. We’re creating an opt-in sms advertising service that does just that.

The Problem: We’re creating tools for business to let them acquire new customers and stay in touch with them cheaply and easily whilst also offering consumers offers and information that they need or is of their interest.

The People: Taha Jiwaji – Founder/CEO, Regina Ogwal – Sales Executive

Whive Logo White

The Pitch: Whive mobile provides single, group and bulk messaging services to East Africans using colloquial applications through freemium or paid business models

The Problem: The lack of access to localized (either by language or features) social media/communication applications that can be used within the African context.

The People: Founder & C.E.O John Karanja, Chief Sales Officer Bonnie Kamau, Chief Legal Officer Patrick Maina, Creative Director Wanjiku Karanja, Client Manager Winnie Obiero, Product/Ads Manager Angela Kathule

Tusqee Systems Logo

The Pitch: SchoolSMS lets parents get exam results of their kids, enquire about fees balances and get fees statement quotes from the school via SMS.

The Problem: Lack of a simple, cheap and reliable means for schools to dispatch exam results and communicate with parents.

The People: Nyatha Githinji

MChanjo Logo

The Pitch: M-chanjo tackles the Millennium Development Goal 4: To reduce child mortality by two thirds by the year 2015, by creating awareness on the importance of child immunization

The Problem: Due to ignorance, a child born in a developing country is over 33 times more likely to die by age 5 from diseases that can be prevented through basic services and vaccinations

The People: Joy Kendi – Executive Director, Mercy Deche – Director, Operations and Strategy, Dave Rono – Chief software developer, Serah Kiburu – Head of web development, Ken Kirui – Head of mobile development, Sammy Njoroge -Business advisor, Michael Mwachiro – Medic, Doris Mwiti – Public health

Wapi Discount Kenya

The Pitch: Android mobile application providing sales promotions and discounts in your locality for free.

The Problem: Its painful to buy an item at full price, only to find it discounted on the store across the street or at an online shop.

The People: Shadrack Kioko – Team Leader, Arnold Ogolla – Lead Developer, Tropister Njeri – Lead Designer

M-Payer Logo

The Pitch: Award winning, Zege Technologies, innovates by creating solutions that affect every day life in Africa to create opportunity in trade, business and lifestyle.
The Problem: MPAYER makes your Mobile Money payments easier, efficient and faster than ever! It helps in real-time integration, automation and aggregation of mobile money.

The People: Kariuki Gathitu- Zege Technologies Systems Architect, Kennedy Otieno – Business Development, Stella Njoki – Part-time Finance Asset, Osbourne Macharia- Part-time Branding Asset

What are your thoughts on the crop of startups and their respective plans and apps?

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