We very recently brought to you the story of social advertising startup, Adloopz in a ‘Startup Watch’ feature. The innovative startup was started by a handful of young and passionate Nigerian software developers. We managed to round them up for a few questions regarding their startup and the story behind it and also get valuable insights from their experience with this startup that could be of interest to other like minded, similarly passionate, young African entrepreneurs in tech.

The Adloopz guys were also so kind as to share with us five beta invite codes for our readers. To get your chance at one of the 5 codes just click to tweet: “Looping¬†love to @afrinnovator @adloopz #adloopzinvite“. Then make sure you follow us, we’ll follow you back and DM you your code.¬†First come first served.


Part 1: On Adloopz.com

Who are the founders of Adloopz?

Adloopz was founded by a team of Nigerian software developers comprising Tola Anjorin Jr., Adedayo Adekunle (@kayfun2), Efe Amadasun (@efeamadasun), Shope Johnson and David Adamo Jr.

Where did the idea come from? Give us a bit of the history of Adloopz.

It’s funny how ideas evolve. The initial idea can be attributed to Adedayo Adekunle, a brilliant software developer on the Adloopz team. That idea was quite different from what we have today. Initially, the idea was to create interactive real-life adverts that ad consumers (as we like to call them) can interact with on-demand, in ways that hitherto did not exist. Imagine a billboard you can interact with via your mobile phone? Quite interesting, isn’t it?

However, when we realized that achieving something like that would require some really “heavy” hardware, we decided to leverage software, the Internet and the social web. Therefore, the idea inevitably underwent some restructuring as the Adloopz team was formed. Leveraging software, the Internet and the social web as a means of enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns resulted in what we now know as Adloopz.

Each of us in the Adloopz team attended the same university, so coming together to build Adloopz was almost inevitable since we had worked with each other in some capacity before Adloopz. One would think that with our familiarity with one another, working together as a team would be entirely smooth-sailing. However, anyone familiar with software development would know that team work has its own unique challenges in this field.

Therefore, building Adloopz as a team was not particularly easy. It took us quite a while to understand our different individual work patterns as well as merge our various conceptions of what each of us felt Adloopz was supposed to be. But anyone who has used adloopz.com would be able to testify to the fact that we ended up working harmoniously as a team to deliver a beta version of adloopz.com that quite a number of people would deem worthy of being used.

Tell us how Adloopz works?

The ultimate goal of Adloopz, in simple terms, is basically to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Therefore, the question is, how does Adloopz achieve this? It’s quite simple actually.

internet-advertisingAs an advertiser, the first thing you need to do is sign up at adloopz.com. Since Adloopz is currently in beta, users are required to have an invite code in order to sign up. The invite code can be gotten by following @adloopz on Twitter and then asking for an invite. After the signup process has been completed, users/advertisers get a profile page (e.g. http://adloopz.com/[username]) that displays contact/location information, published adverts and products/services offered. The next thing to do is to set up basic information about your business and then connect your adloopz account to the social networks you actively use (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).

Furthermore, Adloopz provides an easy way for advertisers to create ads with meaningful descriptions and attached media (such as pictures) as well as other pieces of information that help Adloopz categorize and display ads appropriately. Once adverts are created and published to the advert feed, users (advertisers and ad consumers) can then begin spreading (looping) these ads on the social networks they have connected to their adloopz accounts.

As an advertiser loops his own ads, other users (ad consumers) on the site can also loop these ads, email them to friends, as well as like, post comments and make enquiries concerning products/services that appeal to them. Adloopz also does a good job of providing advertisers with statistics that gauge user interaction with their adverts both from social networks and from within the site itself, so advertisers can have a clear picture of what’s going on with their adverts.

As an ad consumer, adloopz provides a place where you can find products/services that appeal to you as well as get in touch with advertisers in cases where you need to to make enquiries in order to purchase a product or service. Also, with advertisers, friends, and friends of your friends looping ads on various social networks that you actively use, adloopz exposes you to products/services you might be interested in and also becomes quite an effective referral service that directs you towards products/services that your friends like.

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