When we put together our last selection on African tech conferences to attend you noticed a mention of all amber events. UK-based All Amber has once again pulled all the stops for their next conference, focusing on a nuance that’s making waves across the continent but seldom given a showcase: mobile entertainment in Africa and Afrinnovator’s proud to be a Media Partner and have one half of Afrinnovator (Mark Kaigwa) speaking at the conference.

For some context, this brilliant “Did you Know” style video by Praekelt Foundation explains and gives some great insight into the mobile landscape and specifically through the context of Africa.

The entertainment industry just as robust and the conference is going to break down the mobile entertainment market into key sections – gaming, film/broadcast/TV, football, music, big players perspectives and publishing. These will form the backbone of the conference. Selected thought and business leaders will present their views in compact presentations – they’ll discuss their experiences through case studies, how they’ve monetised the opportunity, how they’re looking to expand, the issues they’ve overcome and their thoughts on the future.

Afrinnovator’s proud to be part of it and the speaking list includes a great spread of thought leaders from across continent who will share perspectives in All Amber’s famed roundtable setting as well as mini sessions.

There’s a lot they’ve got planned including up to 50% subsidies for startups and game/app developers so have a look at that if you fall within that group.

The speakers include:

Toby Shapshak, Editor of Stuff Magazine

Obi Asika, Chairman and CEO of Storm360

Vincent Maher, Co-founder of Motribe

Russell Southwood, Editor of Balancing Act Africa

Tim Bishop, Founder of Prezence

Wesley Lynch, Founder & M.D. of RealmDigital

And a whole lot more including Aryan Kaganof  Director of SMS Sugar Man

Overall we’re excited to be down in Cape Town for the event in August. It’s going to be at five-star One and Only Hotel and we can’t wait. More on the conference and expect coverage by Afrinnovator during Mobile Entertainment Africa. If you’d like a view of the draft agenda, click the image below:

Mobile Entertainment Africa Conference Agenda.

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