Research firm Consumer Insight has published results of a survey among youth between the ages of 7 and 24 in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have revealed interesting aspects concerning the accessibility and use of the internet among this age group. The survey was carried out among youth of this age group who live in urban and peri-urban areas.

According to the research, 35% of the target group in the entire region have access to internet with Kenya leading the pack at 49% with internet access, Tanzania at 30% and Uganda at 26%.

Of these, 74% in Kenya are on an online social network, Uganda has 59% and Tanzania lags behind at 34%. In total 68% of the target group in the region are on social networks across the entire region.


Breaking it down further, Facebook is way more popular than Twitter. In general, Facebook accounts for 85% of those on social networks, while only 17% are using Twitter. Breaking it down to the different regions – Kenya: Facebook, 94%; Twitter, 18%; Tanzania: Facebook, 88%; Twitter, 11% and Uganda: Facebook 85%, Twitter, 20%.

It seems Kenyan youth in the same demographic are more ‘switched on’ in terms of internet access and activity.

The same survey also has interesting results as far as mobile use is concerned, apparently this age bracket accounts for Sh 3.4 billion monthly on airtime!

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