1. Nigeria Blackberry Constitution App

A blackberry application for the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Created by @zubairabubakar



2. Nigeria: TrueBranches Blackberry app

The TrueBranches mobile app is an extension of their website. It is aimed at bringing its services closer to its customers and empowering them to access its services from anywhere without restriction.


3. Nigeria: Wakanow’s Blackberry app

Find and book all international and domestic airlines in Nigeria on the go.
Find and book over 45000 domestic and international hotels on the go.
Book your London 2012 Olympic packages on the go.
Receive airline and hotel promos instantly.
Access reservations (past and future) even when offline.

And more…


4. Kenya: AroundMe 

AroundMe allows you to easily and quickly find important businesses and services in your surrounding or any other location with your Nokia phone.


5. Kenya: MEDKenya

MEDKenya is a platform that provides symptom checkers, first-aid information, doctor & hospital directories as well as relevant alert services. The service aims to make healthcare information affordable and accessible to Kenyans. Health is a universal need that forms part of Vision 2030 and the Millenium Development Goals. This app was the overall winner at Pivot25 and will be demoed at Demo 2011.


6. Kenya: Leti Games’ iWarrior

iWarrior is a casual game with great African art and sounds. With its simple intense game play, iWarrior puts you in the role of protecting your village from Africa’s most feared wild animals.


7. SA: News24

Get breaking news, sport and lifestyle news from South Africa and around the world with News24, South Africa’s leading digital news brand. Have your say and join the community of more than two million people who visit News24 to air your views and opinions on the latest news and issues.


8. SA: Jungle Mumble

African children’s stories on your iPad, iPhone or iPod

9. SA: MXit

MXit is a multi platform instant messenger and multi-million user mobile social network, opening a world of possibilities on your iPhone. Connect, share and publish easily and effortlessly within one application. It is available on multiple platforms.



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