Digital online publishing presents some great opportunities for African content creators and creatives. The digital/online medium presents a way around the all too often lengthy and costly publishing process associated with publishing a print version of the work. And so without much ad0 here’s a pick of three web comics we found interesting from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

From Nigeria: Crasher

Crasher is a creator-owned webcomic from Naija (Nigeria). It’s a love story at it’s very core. Most of the story takes place in the Obawon University somewhere in Naija.


From Kenya: Emergency

From African Digital Arts

Emergency Webcomic is a miniseries written and illustrated by Chief Nyamweya. The web comic centers around Dedan Kimathi, a World War II veteran who returns home to try and rebuild a peaceful existence, but finds himself forced toward the same violence he left behind on the battlefield. The comic provides and excellent exploration into post colonial themes through a modern perspective.


From South Africa: Virtuoso

Virtuoso is an alternate history of an Africa that never existed, one run by steel and springs, commanded by vast matriarchies and past the height of its culture.

Virtuoso is the story of Jnembi Osse, a professional weapons manufacturer for the most powerful empire in the world, and how her private rebellion becomes a full scale international incident.


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