More and more tech startups are coming up across Africa, fuelled by growing interest in tech, innovation and startups in Africa from all over the world, and an increasing realisation of major opportunities online, Africans are finding new grounds to conquer online, on mobile and other tech business areas. Today, let’s take a look at two recently launched South African web startups:


Guzzle aims to act as a kind of a bridge between the offline and online worlds. They search out great deals and specials from major newspapers and other offline sources and then put them online for people to find them easily. So instead of scouring through newspapers, catalogues and other sources for specials, they do all that for you and post them on one online location.

In their own words:

Guzzle searches all of SA’s major newspapers and retail catalogues for the latest specials on everything from Nikons to nappies. We don’t sell anything. In fact, the reason we’re so passionate about this venture is that it’s free (currently, even for retailers), so anyone who has access to the web can log on and start using Guzzle.


Virtusa is a digg-like website where SA based users can share and discover anything on the SA web, whether it be celebrity news, political news, business, stories, or what ever else. Virtusa is also giving Adsense publishers the opportunity to make money in an advertising revenue share model where the adsense publisher can get up to 80% of ad revenues.

Virtusa builds a powerful list of popular news and stories being shared not only around the world wide web, but also the South African ‘web-0-sphere’ ! As the user, you get to submit interesting news, articles, and stories (the choice is yours), as well as vote for, and rate other interesting submissions. Essentially, this will play a vital role in the popularity of the given submission and will determine how the respective story/submission spreads. The more votes and ‘likes’ a story/submission receives, the more chances of increased popularity as well as possible increased search engine rankings. Moreover, Virtusa also allows you to connect with other like-minded people, create and join groups of interest, and make new friends.



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