As we’ve noted before, funding is one of the hot topics when it comes to tech entrepreneurship in Kenya, and many other parts of Africa. We recently looked at the ICT Funding Gap in Kenya, and the challenges of finding investment at the earliest and riskiest part of a startup – the seed funding level. And then even more recently we looked at the other side of the coin, the apparent challenges that investors are facing when it comes to funding tech startups in Kenya.

The articles sparked off a bit of a discussion online, with investors and techpreneurs alike airing their views.

This has led us at Afrinnovator to organize our first live event to be held on Monday, April 2nd from 5.00 PM to 7.00 PM at the Startup Garage (register to attend here). The event will be set up in a panel discussion format with investors and tech entrepreneurs. We will be aiming at discussing the issues of finding funding, from an entrepreneur point of view, and also what investors are looking for in startups.

  • What are your options as an entrepreneur to fund your tech startup?
  • How should you prepare to pitch to an investor?
  • What are investors looking for?
  • How do investors evaluate potential investments
  • What’s the investor-entrepreneur relationship like?
  • At what point should you go for funding?
  • Do you need funding in the first place???
  • What lessons have others who have taken funding learnt and how did it work out for them?

Join us as we explore these issues and more, as we have a lively and interactive session with both investors and entrepreneurs. Among our panelists will include representatives from:

eVentures Africa: eVentures Africa Fund (eVA Fund) is the first venture capital firm investing in African SME’s active in digital media.

Invested Development: funds and supports radically affordable and innovative solutions to poverty in alternative energy and mobile technology.

88mph: 88mph is a Denmark/Kenya based seed investment company with focus on Startups targeting the East African mobile and web market.

Register to attend!


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