Apps4Africa 2011 Winners: Innovative Apps Combating Climate Change

Originally from the Appfrica blog Appfrica is the organizer and facilitator of the second annual Apps4Africa competition which rewards African technologists for developing creative solutions to some of the continent’s most challenging issues. 2011 was the second year we’ve done Apps4Africa, the first year culminated with this congratulatory message from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton: Last year the […]

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Necessity & Invention: Africa's story of mobile conquest & why utility beats 'coolness'

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and indeed that could perfectly describe Africa where it comes to innovation particularly on mobile. Utility vs Coolness In a great talk at TEDxVienna Alexander Oswald, Head of Marketing at Nokia, tells the story of how he and his family visited Kenya and were immensely shocked at just how […]

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Interview With, Andrew Mugoya Author of 'African Apps in a Global Marketplace'

Andrew Mugoya is the author of an ebook targeted at African app developers titled ‘Africa Apps in a Global Marketplace‘. Andrew runs the afriapps website that showcases apps developed by Africans. In his book, Andrew tackles many aspects of app development from user experience, to funding, to marketing and much more. The book is a pretty […]

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Ebook: African Apps in a Global Marketplace

‘African Apps in a Global Marketplace’ by Andrew Mugoya is a collection of ideas, observations, tips and some gripes about the African app industry. It will be available as a free download from Tuesday, 1 November, for a limited period. Synopsis African technology is in an exciting and vibrant phase with many talented developers and […]

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12 Apps to Pitch at AppCircus in Nairobi

AppCircus is a unique global traveling showcase of the most creative and innovative apps presented by their creators during some of the most influential international events in mobile/web. AppCircus is open to developers, startups and any other organization and offers each participant a chance to get a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards. The AppCircus is […]

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Exclusive: Inside Look At The Pivot25 Startups [Part 2]

So we began by looking at some of the apps that are set to launch at Pivot25 this week and we continue with the scoop on more great apps to look out for. Our format is simple. In 160 characters (the same number as an SMS, given this is a mobile app and developer conference) they give us:

Their Pitch: What are they trying to do?

Their Problem: What are they trying to solve?

Their People: Who are some of the names behind it?

Catch up with last week’s group here including some great insights.

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Africa Mobility Futures

Rudy de Waele,  Ken Banks and Erik Hersman are co-curating a collaborative outlook on the mobile industry in Africa, called “Mobile Trends Africa 2020“. Afrinnovator was invited to contribute and our thoughts concerning the future of mobile in Africa are as follows (see page 7 in the presentation: Blurring boundary between Smartphones and feature phones (we’ve […]

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Africa Programmers Survey Results

It is evident from our writing that tech startups and innovation are central to the growth of Africa and African economies. At the heart of tech and innovation in tech are the actual guys who create the cool apps and the neat websites and the frameworks around which these are built, the programmers! So the […]

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Appsworld Africa 2011 Cape Town

We recently covered some top notch conferences which would be of great interest to you if you are interested in matters to do with African tech. Well, we have since come to learn of yet another fabulous event being held in Cape Town, South Africa. The event, Appsworld Africa, is all about mobile apps and […]

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African Programmer Survey

We got a little curious about programmer demographics in Africa and so we decided to create a quick survey form to get some responses that would give us an indication of what the programmer-sphere looks like in Africa. If you are a programmer in Africa please fill in the survey below. We will compile and […]

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