Critical Mass: More is better

Carrying on the conversation from yesterdays piece on Forecasting Africa’s Mobile Future and some of the thoughts about what that future looks like, where the opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators are, as well as Erik’s ‘Pyramid model and theory’; let’s dig a bit deeper into the aspect about broadening the base of our startup pyramid. […]

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From OLPC to VC: Africa leapfrogs the digital divide

Afrinnovator got a mention on Involution Studio’s blog in a series of posts by Niti Bhan and Muchiri Nyaggah on technology in Africa. Involution Studios is a design studio based in the US¬†that does design work for major corporations such as McAFee, Oracle, Microsoft and Yahoo. Niti Bhan and Muchiri Nyaggah collaborate to offer real […]

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Bantalabs/Limbe Labs: the iHub/Appfrica of West Africa

We’ve recently covered stories about iHub that is opening up in Nairobi, Kenya in March. And I’m sure many people reading this are also aware of Appfrica Labs in neighboring ¬†Uganda. It seems the trend of creating community innovation centers is spreading throughout the continent. West Africa is not left behind. Bantalabs is the new […]

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