Why You Must Never Forget About the Humble Feature Phone in Africa

Jonathan Hoehler is Chief Technical Officer and Business Analyst at Starfish Mobile International based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. With over 8 years in the mobile telecoms space in Africa, he’s been an evangelist frequently seen on the conference circuit speaking and presenting on the future of mobile on the continent. Follow him on Twitter […]

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Analysing The Impact of Safaricom’s New Internet Browsing Tariff & Their Outlook on Data for 2011

Kenyan integrated telecoms firm Safaricom today introduces a new tariff. Far from the confusing days of multiple tariffs, Safaricom recently aggregated all voice-related tariffs to the single “Uwezo” tariff. Today, Safaricom makes a leap forward with the country’s first data-focused tariff, priced at Ksh. 2 per minute. Afrinnovator’s Mark Kaigwa uncovers the impact of this move in the competitive telecommunication landscape.

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