Africa: Innovating into the Future

In this day and age, innovation for any organisation or nation is not an option, it is a necessity! If you do not innovate you will simply be left behind. And as we noted in the article, “Necessity & Invention: Africa’s story of mobile conquest & why utility beats ‘coolness’“, this is especially the case for the […]

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We Don’t Do Soft Technology Here, Please

In this guest article, Bright Simons, founder of mPedigree, discusses the state of policy-making (the ‘softer’ side of technology) in promoting innovation in Africa within the context of the ever increasing counts of infrastructure development initiatives being run by African governments. In Addis Ababa, you might as well turn in your dainty blackberry for a mug […]

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New Proposed Kenyan Legislation for Media and Communications Bodies

A critical component for a vibrant culture of innovation (startup culture) is the existence of sound legislation to create a suitable and enabling environment for individuals and groups to pursue creative, innovative and enterprising initiatives. The recent promulgation of a new constitution in Kenya is demanding the establishment of new legislation under the new constitutional […]

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