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IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd Fraud Alert Roberto Divkovic

Massive Investment Fraud Unraveled at IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd

In a troubling development for the investment community, Roberto Divkovic, the CEO of IMP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd, is accused of defrauding investors out of hundreds of thousands of euros. …


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Sustainable Movement in Africa: Its Growth and Model Houses

With sustainability being a major driving force of modern architecture, it is no surprise that Africa has also stepped forward to implement sustainability measures to address several climate change effects …


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Why You Must Never Forget About the Humble Feature Phone in Africa

Jonathan Hoehler is Chief Technical Officer and Business Analyst at Starfish Mobile International based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. With over 8 years in the mobile telecoms space in Africa, …