BREAKING: Tusqee Systems Wins €25,000 at IPO48 Nairobi. Runners Up Ghafla! and 6ix Degrees Win Investment

It’s official. The winner of the IPO48 Nairobi 2011 is Tusqee Systems.

Their idea to revolutionize the way more than 35,000 primary and secondary schools in Kenya interact with parents by providing them with cheap, simple and interactive tools that not only let parents query for exam results, fees balances and fees statements but also allow schools to converse with parents and other stakeholders via SMS.

You can see more about them in their Friday night pitch below

According to their HumanIPO profile, everybody’s a winner: schools enjoy 80% cuts in their communication budgets, reliability & efficiency while we get to make money via sale of the software & SMS credits.

Two other companies will also get investments from HumanIPO. These being 6ix Degrees and Ghafla!.

Ghafla! are aiming to be the go-to source for local entertainment content and digital downloads from East Africa.

And 6ix Degrees with their pitch with their contacts-address book backup apps and an intelligent directory that uses six degrees of separation to share and create new relationships.

According to HumanIPO CEO Kresten Buch, the winners will get investment and office space in a new hub that will house Ghafla, Tusqee, 6ix Degrees as well as two other HumanIPO investments and Futaa.

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