Is Casino Gamification the Way of the Future?

Online Casino Gamification

Online casinos have been around for well over two decades now and during the first 15 or so years, things pretty much remained the same across the board. Casinos stuck to the old, well-tested model of creating sites with a bunch of slots and table games and this, combined with some marketing, was enough to bring in the players.

Over the past decade, however, things have started to change quite significantly. New generations of players have come out, requesting more from their gaming experience. Online casinos quickly figured out that if they wanted to stay in business for the years to come, they’d have to meet these demands. Gamification turned out to be just the solution to their problem.

What Is Gamification?

Although it is a made-up word, gamification has become a widely recognizable term in the gaming industry. In online gambling, it means creating an experience that is similar to the one found with video games, where players are involved on multiple levels.

The problem with the traditional casino setup is the fact it is simply too flat. Many of the older games look alike and slapping new graphics over the old engine isn’t enough to keep the players’ interest. The entire experience is about putting some money in and hoping to walk away with some profit. What happens in between, which should be the essential part, is simply too one-dimensional for new generations of players. They don’t mind paying for the entertainment, but they expect to be truly entertained and engaged.

Good Examples of Gamification

Over the past few years, we’ve seen some online casinos really stepping up their game and developing much more immersive environments for their players. Rizk, a Norwegian nettcasino, is an excellent example of how to implement gamification to your business model while still staying relevant for your old players as well.

The moment players join they become a part of an adventure that’s much bigger than any individual slot or casino game. Guided by the cartoon hero named Captain Rizk, they embark on an exciting journey where everything you do earns you points and rewards and helps you reach the next level. This level-up system also helps create a more game-like experience.

Then, there is the Wheel of Rizk, a special game similar to the wheel of fortune that you get to spin every time you reach a new level or complete a particular task. The wheel hides various rewards, such as free spins, super spins, bonuses, and even cash jackpots.

Rizk and other casinos doing similar things have realized that this is the way of the future. To keep the players flowing in and coming back for more, they need to offer them a fully-rounded experience that transcends individual gaming sessions.

Moving forward, we can fully expect the gamification process will continue and online casinos and game developers will come up with even more ideas to keep the players engaged, entertained, and involved.