Facial Tanning Lamps add a Glow to your Skin and a Lift to your Mood

shiny skin as a result of a facial tanning lamp

It’s a sad fact of life really, getting older and finding that we’re losing that golden bloom. We can’t be forever young, but with a little bit of help, not from our friends, but from a facial tanning lamp, we can still look good.

Tanning lamps aren’t all the same. They cater to different kinds of customers. If tanning at home is on your agenda, you’ll get used to several facial tanning lamp brands.  Get to know their features and their pros and cons.

Instead of a white, pasty look from being indoors so much, these lamps will have you looking as though you’ve just jetted in from the Caribbean. Some brands that you will get to know include –

  • Sperti Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp for the face and body
  • Eurosolar Facial Tanner SmartSun Edition
  • Efbe-Schott
  • Philips Hapro Summer Glow

Of course, the effectiveness of a facial tanner will depend a lot on the number of tubes of ultra-violet light there are. There should be at least  6 to 12 tubes and a minimum of 105 watts to get the best results.

Facial tanning lamps bronze the face, giving you a gorgeous glow even when you’re older and with mature skin.  They’re also helpful for all kinds of skin types.


The hottest, Most Flattering Way to Tan

Some people who have discovered the benefits of facial tanning lamps say that they are the hottest supplement they have at home. What’s not to love about them? Those who run solariums will have to be honest and tell you that there has been a noticeable shift in the beauty industry. Fewer people are coming in.

Covid-19 has seen many people setting themselves up at home with equipment and devices that can be used there in comfort and privacy.

Just when you thought you were looking your worst from lockdown, along comes some beauty products that can whip your skin and your confidence back into looking good. You no longer have to go out to get yourself a clean, healthy-looking tan.


There’s no sun required

Okay, so when it comes to sun-damaged skin, you may have that red, rough look. We’ve all been caught off guard when it comes to UV damage from hours in the sun. You don’t have to think that keeping out of the sun has to be all doom and gloom.

Thankfully facial tanning lamp manufacturers have heard our sighs for glowing, sun-kissed skin. So if covid-19 and all its restrictions and lockdowns have seen you taking a backseat in terms of looking your best, now is the time to focus on renewal.

Exfoliate your skin first

Before you settle down to tan your face, a wise move would be to use a mild facial exfoliator the day before. Removing dead skin cells ensures the lamp has more of a chance to work its magic.

How many times haven’t you tried certain make-up products to give you a tanned look only to find that the shades just don’t suit your skin tone? Facial tanning lamps are the perfect way to avoid those kinds of mistakes. They make your skin look perkier and you get an instant lift just because you look and feel better.

Who says a facial tan is a Summer thing? A facial tanning lamp is capable of working through the winter too. In fact, with a good facial tanning lamp, you can experience great tanning results anywhere, anytime.

You can have a gorgeous even summer glow all year round. One of the most useful benefits of these facial lamps is that they use  distinctive lights that filter out UV light. When you do research and look at their pros and cons, there are far more benefits.


Say hello to good-looking skin

The deficiency of vitamin D is always linked to disorders such as diabetes, skin ailments, and kidney problems. These tanning lamps help increase Vitamin D and they are mood-enhancing too. That’s why it is so important to do research as some of the lamps offer a light therapy function, This is able to trigger the body’s natural cell processes to assist with acne, wound healing, and scarring and to restore the skin’s radiance.

You want to always make sure to choose lamps that come with a timer. This will program the duration of your tanning session.

At the mere flick of a switch, you can have a supernatural golden tan. Most of the best facial tanning lamps come with UV-blocking eyewear too (more information on this website). The lamps are portable and you simply put them on any level surface, plug it in and start working on that healthy-looking tan. Say hello to good-looking skin and start looking your finest year-round.


Get the Look while your relax

We all know how important good skin care is and we also know how important it is to keep up to date with important information. That’s why with a personal home facial tanning lamp you can enjoy your reading of Afrinnovator. It’s an interesting news website that will keep you in the know while you deal with your skin concerns and ensure it has a happy, healthy glow.