Weekly Africa Blog Round Up #1

It’s holiday season and while most would be slowing down to the holiday mood we at Afrinnovator are all geared up for the new year! Today we begin what will be a weekly exercise rounding up some notable blogs in west, east and south Africa as well as whatever else we could have found interesting with regards to Africa. Well, let’s get down to the ‘Weekly Africa Blog Round Up #1′

West Africa

mPowerment Seminars – Coming to your location near you – Mobility Nigeria

In 2011, Mobility Nigeria are launching their new initiative – taking mobility to the streets with our mPowerment Seminars across several states of the Federation…

Paga, Nigeria’s Version of m-Pesa Gets CBN License – TechLoy

We got to write about this story as well. Loy Okezie writes:

Paga, the new mobile payment service run by Pagatech has finally been given a license by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

According to an announcement released yesterday by Pagatech,


“After a very detailed and thorough process, the Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”) has licensed Paga to deliver its mobile money service to Nigeria.”…

Barcamp Nigeria 2011; Abuja, Kaduna, Lagos and Port Harcourt – Web Trends Nigeria

We are pleased to announce the Schedule for coming Barcamp Events for 2011. We successfully hosted Barcamp Nigeria 2010 in Lagos last May. With the feedback we got, it had huge impact on the participants. To this end, we are set to take the event across Nigeria…

West Africa’s first commercial data centre launching in 2011 – Oluniyi D. Ajao

At Combit Africa 2009, I gave a presentation on The impact of submarine connectivity on West Africa’s web hosting industry. The premise of the presentation was simple. The presence of more submarine fibre connectivity in West Africa would give birth to commercial data centres in the sub-region…

East Africa

Entrepreneurship Moment: Apprentices, Intellectual Property, Mentors, Partners – Bankelele

Over the last few week, I have been exposed to various events and lessons that touched on entrepreneurship. We had the Legatum business awards winners feted in Nairobi, talks by some young US technology start up executives, and got to watch the movie ‘social network’, and final episodes of the Apprentice beamed live from the US…

Facebook cracks 1 million users in Kenya – Moses Kemibaro

…Just how popular is Facebook in Kenya, lately? In July 2010, I did a post on this blog when Facebook had reached around 800,000 users in Kenya, which was quite a monumental feat, at the time. However, since then, four months on, Facebook now has just over 1 million users in Kenya, and firmly growing….

(The Lack) of African ICT Research – Whiteafrican

…One of the people that I’ve been speaking a lot with here is Shikoh Gitau (on Twitter), a Kenyan lady who has spent the last few years down at the University of Cape Town doing research. In the talk about “ICTD Research by Africans: Origins, Interests, and Impact” by Gitau S; Plattiga, P and K.Diga, there were some very interesting points given and a great argument made for why Africans need to be involved more…

South Africa

Review of 2010 predictions – what came true? – WebAddict(s)

A year ago we asked some of our fellow Web AddiCT(s); what their one prediction for 2010 would be. Let’s recap those predictions for 2010 and see what actually came true…

Interview: Motribe founders Vincent Maher and Nic Haralambous – BandwidthBlog

Welcome to the first in a series of video interviews taking you inside the offices of SA’s leading internet startups. We had the pleasure of visiting local internet entrepreneurs (and newly found Capetonians) Vincent Maher and Nic Harry of Motribe…


African Weekly Inspiration 51 – African Digital Art

Every week we inspire you with great projects either made by Africans or inspired by Africa…

Tru Spot! a Music Platform – Timbuktu Chronicles

Founded by Ikenna Orizu “…Tru Spot! is a social music platform designed to support African artists, fans, local music and the entertainment world at large.