Wagerr; the digital currency that will change sports betting

Wagerr Sports Betting

Fans of sports betting have dealt with a lot more heartbreak than they can care to count. You are never sure what the outcome will be even when you know you have all the right facts and everything is pointing towards your choice of wager. In addition to the fifty-fifty nature of sports wagers, bettors have to deal with unscrupulous bookies who do not guarantee pay outs or deposits even. While the first unknown entirely depends on the game you bet on, bettors should not have to deal with the second problem. This is what Wagerr is here for.

What is Wagerr?

Wagerr is part of the cryptocurrency wave that is basically taking centralized money out of the game. Wagerr allows sports gambling enthusiasts all across the world to place bets in a safe and
secure manner with guaranteed payouts, safe deposits and no regulation. Players no longer have to deal with changing regulation, dishonest bookmakers or exorbitant fees.

For those new to cryptocurrency, Wagerr come with a gamut of features that are enough assurance that your money is in safe hands. Like all other digital currencies out there, Wagerr is
self-regulating and decentralized.

 A better way to do sports betting

How it works

The cryptocurrency is designed for Wagerr’s betting portal that allows you to place bets on different sports events. Funds are held in escrow so that you are paid as soon as your bet is verified as a winner. Everything is done in typical bookmaker fashion only this time the bookmaker is trustworthy.

When a bet is placed with Wagerr coins, transaction fees are broken in three ways. The funds are divided such that 48% of the amount is destroyed, 50% goes to Oracle Master Nodes and 2% is left behind to facilitate growth of the cryptocurrency. The process is referred to as value coupling which is done to multiply value of the coin. Betting contracts are issued using blockchain technology, which has proved applicable in numerous markets. The blockchain is an open ledger that guarantees your bet in the form you placed it.

Wagerr is set to change the world of betting as we know it

With 400 billion dollars illegally wagered across the world, you can clearly see the potential that lies in the sports betting industry. A good sum of this money practically disappears into thin air thanks to untrustworthy bookmakers in underground markets who either make a clean pair of heels with your money or get shut down by governments. This is the market Wagerr is targeting. Sports fans in countries that have strict regulations against betting can turn to Wagerr for a platform that offers all they want and more. Bettors can enjoy a sportbonus for their bets as well as a fantasy league.

Be your own bookmaker

Wagerr allows sports fans to create odds for their respective sports disciplines where other fans can bet. Since the system is decentralized, bettors can enjoy user to user betting. For instance, if you love tennis and know everything about say the Wimbledon tournament, you can simply come up with your own odds for tennis matches which other bettors can use to wager.

Bottom line

Even before a single bet was placed, Wagerr had a value of 0.121290 USD, which is quite high for a new entrant into the world of cryptocurrency. Additionally, the digital coin is backed by some of the best minds in sports betting and cryptocurrency. The CEO has taken it upon himself to outline what the coin is all about through their slack channel. Wagerr is the digital currency for all sports betting fans across the world, one you should keep a close eye on if you are interested in sports betting.